The AICP Commercial Production Training Seminar

Saturday, January 10th

Sunday, January 11th


The popular and highly anticipated AICP Commercial Production Training Seminar, which has regularly only taken place in Los Angeles and New York, is coming to ATLANTA for the first time. This in-depth series of classes offers a detailed examination of commercial production taught by well-known commercial production professionals. A workbook with a full range of forms necessary for any production is included.

The seminar is held over two consecutive days from January 10th-11th, 2015. Registration is limited to 30 students.

For registration and tuition information contact AICP Southeast at

Session I:
Boards to Broadcast

A live action commercial job from boards to broadcast.

Session II:
Crew And Labor Unions

Basic obligations, right-to-work, independent contractors, union vs. non-union; collective bargaining agreements

Session III:
The Bid

A breakdown of the bidding process today; details of the bidform

Session IV:
Partnering with the Financial Department

Reporting requirements for employees; forms and legal issues; production insurance